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New Publication! The Prince George’s County Gateway Arts District Arts Learning Resource Guide serves as an organized document in print and digital editions that highlight lifelong arts education opportunities. The Gateway Arts District is proud to be the home of more than 500 artists, 150 studios and a dozen artist collectives. Many of the artists and arts spaces offer educational opportunities. There are all levels of creative engagement from introductory classes to master experiences for every age, and in every medium. Performances and exhibitions happen every week in the Gateway Arts District's private and public venues.


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Available at:

- Maryland Milestones
   Anacostia Trails Heritage Center
- Pyramid Atlantic Art Center
- Hyattsville CDC

Mount Rainier:
- Art Works Now
- Joe’s Movement Emporium
North Brentwood:
- Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center

Gateway Arts Center at Brentwood:
- Brentwood Arts Exchange
- 39th Street Gallery


- Prince George’s Arts & Humanities Council



January 9, 2017 – January 27, 2017  • 

Hosted by Hyattsville Community Development Corporation (CDC)
Venue Joe's Movement Emporium & World Arts Focus

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Guides will be distributed throughout January. Contact Neena Naranyanan at Joe's Movement Emporium to schedule a delivery or pick-up.

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