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Eightsense & Anonamas / 8orMas



Eightsense is a producer/rapper hailing from Baltimore, MD. He’s quite accomplished in playing in the background, but his talent is undeniable. Having several productions across the US and worldwide, he has an unusual sound that appeals to many ears.  He developed his own style of weird eclectic mellow, melodic samples and rearranges them to be played as musical notes. 

Anonamas is a singer/songwriter who has unique storytelling ability. Hailing from the Eastern Shore, MD, she finds herself making DC her stomping ground as she takes hearts nationwide. She is the “anonymous” persona that people can connect with. Her lyrics tell a story about our lives and experiences. A soulful singer that has worked with many artists worldwide and she only seeks to continue to spread her love for music on the global level. 


Artist Statement/Focus

After receiving numerous accolades from their debut album “Warm Tones”, the eclectic Hip Hop / Soul duo has returned with their 2nd project titled “OrganiChemistry” which is slated to be released Nov 28, 2013.

8orMas continues to progress with their unique sound and give the listener new and exciting grooves with quality lyrical content. The 8orMas sound continues to give a familiar tone but  with an evolved progression. Fans of 8orMas won’t be disappointed with where the music takes them.

Organic Chemistry is the discipline that studies reactions of organic compounds, which form the basis of life. 8orMas’ music symbolizes their personal views about life, society, the human psyche, cosmic aspects, and the world around them. “Organic” plays on the simplicity of their music and “Chemistry” plays on their well - structured beats and lyrics that are put into it.

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