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Amber Antonelli


Amber Antonelli is an Artist, Graphic Novelist, Zinester, Poet, Illustrator, hoop-dancer and all-around-creative maker of things. She was born and raised in her early years in Northern California, but has also lived in Mentor, Ohio,  and studied Studio Art with a concentration in Drawing at the University of South Florida in Tampa. She has lived the last 2 years in and around Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Artist Statement/Focus

Her work is often narrative, and she is known for making comics and caricatures of social gatherings, sub-cultures and the people who attend them. Examples would be her illustrations documenting events surrounding the Occupy Wall Street Movement in Washington DC, The Southeastern Regional Conference of Occupations in Gainesville, Florida, and work that came out of her time spent at the Fernsdale Hill Farm an Anarchist Organic Farm Commune experiment in Dade City, Florida. Through several different motifs and styles she handles a wide range of ideas and topics. She frames her own life as a creative process and her body a canvas and medium for both learning about and expressing messages about survival and pursuit of better health.
“I maintain that everything I do somehow fits into the continuum of:
being alive,
staying alive,
and trying to figure out how to surthrive in the meantime.”

E-mail iamthegadfly@gmail.com
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Location Hyattsville
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