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Anonamas / Singer - Songwriter - Poet - Host - Advocate


Anonamas -  singer/songwriter, host, poet, advocate, & owner of Samanona Music Publishing...

The beautiful thing about music is; it's ever evolving and changing... Anonamas embraces the growth and development in her own lyrical skills. She strives to become a better singer/songwriter; while at the same time, she continues to touch the listeners who experience her work thus far. "Music should develop as life develops, any and everything in life can be a song" - Anonamas says.

Within the past  6 years Anonamas has ventured out on her own, and has created an artistic fellowship with several musical endeavours. She has had the pleasure of being the lead vocalists for such bands as "The Bangladesh Project", the band called "Common Groove", as well as the lead vocalist for the soul/hip hop duo called "8orMas". She has had several involvement with prevous released albums including her first debut album "Truth thru Fiction" which was produced under the label Infinite Soul back in 2009. Since then Anonamas has been featured on such works as "The Big Bang Theory" produced by the band "The Bangladesh Project" and she was co-creator fo the "8orMas" debut album called "Warm Tones".  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYk0JxrM33Q

 Her upcoming projects which are in the works include a second album with 8orMas, a featured vocalist for the band "Comon Groove", and a lead vocalist for the upcoming album "Non-Verbal" produced by ReVerb Musick. Anonamas strives to connect with fellow artists as well as connect with the listener. She continues to master her craft of songwriting and is currently studying bass guitar. She is a host and an adocate for the community locally and internationally.  She has been involved with cancer awareness as well as tribute performance to the great JDilla http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i36GmS9Go-4

Artist Statement/Focus

To create music that  always inspire and stimulate thoughts to the listener while enjoying what the melody provides. Use my art in a productive and positive way for my personal growth as well as for my community and fans.

E-mail Anonamas7@gmail.com
Phone 410-726-5329
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Location Hyattsville
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