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Ayo Ngozi


Ayo Ngozi is a performance and visual artist Her 18-year study of dance, ritual and masquerade began as a teenager when she studied with the influential modern dancer, choreographer, and anthropologist Pearl PrimusÑan education that has deeply impacted her psyche, process, and art works, Educated at Hampton and Cornell Universities, she began creating sculpture in 1998 and created her first performance works in 2003. Her first exhi bition was a 1999 solo showing at Washington's Dance Piece Gallery and she has since exhibited and performed at Nunnark Gallery, the Hirshhorn Museum and Scuipture Garden, Belmont Arts East, and has taught art workshops at the Smithsonian Institution. Services offered: private commissions, workshops

Artist Statement/Focus

My Mixed-Media assemblages, installations and performances draw on images from personal and community history, urban and industrial landscapes, ritual, cosmology, music and masquerade.

Phone 3016990475
Location 4214 Rainier Avenue
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