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Psalmist, songwriter and a producer, Benaiah is the next wave in gospel music. Her trademark is mellifluous while possessing a tender and sophisticated poignancy. This Jacksonville, Florida native, uses inspiring lyrics and outstanding vocals to deliver her message of hope and praise over a powerful bed of eclectic contemporary rhythms. With the anointing of God upon and her gift of music, Benaiah leaves her audiences encouraged, uplifted and richly inspired. . Benaiah has a strong compulsion to help others. Her passion is exhorting, serving and giving. She believes wholeheartedly in the principle of “being thy brother’s keeper". After her very first release concert, Benaiah sold 1,000. She sowed all of the proceeds into numerous deserving charities and ministries. During her tenure as the co-president of “Project Homeless” she was instrumental in providing meals and clothes for more than 10,000 homeless persons in Texas. Benaiah did all of this as an enlisted soldier in the United States Army, she immediately became a favorite for singing her fellow soldiers to sleep each night and during times of despair. She was popular choice for performing at special military and political events. She has received numerous awards and recognition for her service to the community. Benaiah also has the heart for philanthropy as the founder of “Betty’s Heart” ministries; she has sponsored “Project School Backpack” for various organizations to include United Way organizations and the United States military. Benaiah tirelessly reaches out to inmates in prisons in Central Texas. She has ministered to over 7,000 inmates through Bible Study classes, Ministry of the Word, and music ministry. Moreover, she established dance, praise teams and banner teams in several prisons in Texas. Her new single, “Crazy Power” is a feel good anthem that speaks of the dynamic, mind-blowing power that God has to fight on behalf of His people and to give them the victory. The song is dynamically arranged cleverly mixing the background vocals over a track that will leave you wanting more. “Crazy Power” is from Benaiah’s full length album entitled “Fearless”, which is scheduled to be released in January of 2015. With her new single “Crazy Power” and her soon to be released “Fearless” album, she is geared to take her ministry and artistry to new levels.

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Artist Statement/Focus

As an artist of inspirational music, Benaiah endeavors to share her gift of music in the spirit of excellence with love, humility and sincerity without compromising her chrisitan values, while at the same time giving a memorable performance that will leave her audiance uplifted, excited, encouraged and with  a good "Benaiah" experiance.


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