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Beth Hess *


I think the stuff of everyday life can be special—from the glass you drink your morning juice in to the bowl that collects your junk mail. And that having a fabulous vase to put flowers in is a great excuse to bring some home, to surprise your coworker or say thank you to your mom.

I love making colorful, beautiful pieces of blown glass that help make your everyday feel special. I enjoy experimenting with color and shape in glass and make each piece in the studios of DC GlassWorks in Hyattsville, Maryland.

And when I’m not in the glass studio, I love to explore. The woods. City streets. Techniques in craft. Color. Texture. The everyday world around us. And I love making.

Artist Statement/Focus


  • Brickyard Bud Vases. Colorful, rectangular bud vases brimming with texture.
  • Glass Flowers. Individually hot sculpted to bring your blooms year round.
  • Keepsake Hearts.  Pocket-sized hearts to keep or to share.
  • Love Collection Vases. Because we don't need a special holiday to share everyday.
  • Threads Collection Vases. Texture + color + glass. Irresistible.
  • Wunder Bunnies. Joyful. Curious. Ready for adventure.
E-mail beth@wunderaround.com
Web Links Website
Location 5346 46th Avenue
DC Glassworks
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