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Cario Stewart


We are Jennifer Kistler and Cario Stewart. Together we own Elizabeth RoseMarie Soaps, a handmade bath and body business founded by Jennifer and soon joined by her sister, Cario.

Elizabeth RoseMarie Soaps is named after the three greatest loves of my life, my daughters. They are my deepest inspirations and my biggest motivation.

In 1997, a friend introduced me to the world of soapmaking with melt and pour soap base at the age of 16. I was content to use melt and pour for many years. Over time, my skin became increasingly sensitive. By 2009, I had developed several allergies to commercial bath and body products. Actively searching for a solution to the allergies that I had developed and that my children also began to exhibit, I started researching books, internet forums, websites, articles, and seeking guidance from experienced soapmakers. After several months of 30-40 hour weeks of research, I made my first cold process soap. That was four years ago in 2011, and I have not looked back since.

Soapmaking provides creativity to my life that was missing as a wife and mother of three. I began using a very simple basic recipe and have since perfected my recipes to include skin loving oils, butters, clays, and additives such as sea salt, activated charcoal, green tea, and essential oils. Making products by hand has allowed me to control every aspect of production and eliminate the irritants and allergens that are found in so many commercial products.  I choose ingredients that are known for their skin benefits and formulate my recipes with sensitive skin in mind. I test everything on myself and my children. Through the use of color, fragrance, additives, and different methods of creating designs, I am able to create a truly luxurious experience.  I feel that my work speaks for itself.  I now make soap, bath salts, solid lotions, solid perfumes, lip butter, face serums, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, bath teas, solid bubble bath bars, bath truffles and handmade laundry soap. People of all ages use and enjoy Elizabeth RoseMarie Soaps.

As a child I used my creative energy drawing, dancing, singing and playing the clarinet. As I grew, I no longer had time for those pastimes. I needed a creative outlet and with the encouragement of my husband, I started making soap.  That hobby has grown into a business and in 2012, I started teaching my sister how to make soap as well, I brought her on board as my business organizer and the manager of my website. Between the two of us, we do several large and small craft shows each year, in Illinois where I live, and the DC metro area where Cario lives.


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