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Carol-lynn Swol


Metalsmithing is my passion and heritage as working with metal has been a consistent thread throughout my life. My father is a blacksmith and my maternal grandfather was a tinsmith.

As a young girl I hammered at the anvil and that sound, the malleability of the metal, and the transformation of shape had me enthralled. After earning a BA in anthropology and pursuing non-art careers, I decided to follow my love of and legacy in metal to earn an MFA in metalsmithing and jewelry design after which I taught metalsmithing and jewelry design as a full-time professor in the Midwest. We relocated to the DC-metro area where I now make jewelry in my home-based workshop/studio.

Artist Statement/Focus

I enjoy creating jewelry that illustrates a variation on a theme using new and reclaimed sterling silver and karat gold, gems and stones, and Tyvek. My work could be considered limited production rather than one-of-a-kind production, but no two items will ever be exactly the same as each is item is handmade by me using traditional and cutting-edge techniques.

I also create wearable and durable jewelry with Tyvek, a plastic paper-like product, generating visual and tactile forms inspired by my love of books and forms found in the natural world. Tyvek, is a plastic product that feels as delicate as paper, but is far more durable. It is in the duality of this material that I yearn to find a balance between durability and ephemeral-seeming and between intentionality and spontaneity in design and form.


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