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C. Mattox


Constance began her artistic journey in a small room of her Grandmother’s house in Pendleton, South Carolina. Though born there, she was less than a year in age when she began traveling as a military dependent. Her mother was responsible for launching her artistic training, providing “paint by number” kits to keep Constance occupied. Her mother also taught her sewing skills, which aided in developing an ability to design and construct all sorts of creative projects. By the age of ten, Constance had grown fond of building battleships, model cars…anything three-dimensional. She developed a natural eye for constructing and deconstructing three-dimensional objects. At the age of 20, Constance arrived in Detroit, Michigan to begin her adult life. The demands of being a mother, a wife and working to support a family occupied the majority of her time, keeping her from her passion for creating art. Ironically, it was a furlough from her job that caused her to realize just how important it was to nurture her artistic side. Constance matriculated from Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree; concentration in Fine Art Photography. While in her senior year, her photographic images of the campus were selected for the cover and division pages of the 1993/94 edition of the “Sabre” Yearbook. After graduating, Constance relocated to Maryland, beginning her new career as an art teacher. Since then, she has been sharing and teaching art to students from elementary to high school. She has also found the time and spirit to begin building her artistic portfolio of art imagery that includes photography, ceramics and painting. Her work has been shown at the Creative Artisans Exhibitions, Prince George’s Art Council Exhibitions, Annie’s Gallery and the Upper Marlboro Court House, Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Constance’s photographic work is currently hanging at the Seattle’s Best Coffee Café, Leisure World Shopping Center, and Silver Spring, Maryland. Constance’s work is in the private collections of Dr. and Mrs. Richard Barbieri of Milton MA, Mrs. Carol Rogers of Manassas VA, and Ms. C. Elaine Lott of Detroit, MI., Mr. Gerri and Mrs. Sarah Kozelsky of Silver Spring Md. Constance is a full time teacher of art at The Madeira School, McLean VA and displays her work throughout the metropolitan Washington, DC region.

Artist Statement/Focus

My journey in art began at an early age. I grew up traveling as a military dependent, and my mother would purchase “paint by number” sets to keep me busy. My love of art and the process of recreating the world around me grew from that humble start. There are several artist which have influenced my creative path, my list is long, but to name a few, I’d have to say Salvatore Dali, Pablo Picasso, Freda Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe and Jerry Uelsmann While studying for my B.F. A. at Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan, I found myself emerged into the photographic process, while researching a project I came across the amazing images of the master photographer Jerry Uelsmann. My photographic work moved into a whole different area. I began to see the world around me in a different light. To “see” is the most important element in being an artist. I look for the beauty, the mystery, the amazing images of this world I live in and hope I have the vision to capture that fleeting moment to share with family and friends.

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