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Cynthia Gossage


My work ranges from traditional quilting, patchwork & appliqué to small multi-medium pieces Incorporating embroidery, beading, appliqué & found objects.

Artist Statement/Focus

When I was 18 my grandmother finally entrusted me with one of her mother's quilts. I still remember her telling me to be very careful with it and pointing out all the different fabrics: from her father's "Sunday meetin' shirt," her sister's apron, and "Momma's favorite dress." A few years later when I learned traditional quilting techniques, I strove to match my great-grandmother's skill in quilting straight lines and flat surfaces. Twenty years later, I began to see and quilt fabric as a form of jazz painting. I let go a little bit from the straight lines and now soften hard edges, and I leave room for improvisation, while still trying to respect 19th century standards of durable and high quality construction. Borrowing even more from my great-grandmother and the women who came before her, I rely increasingly on recycled fabrics and re-purposed materials in the form of old buttons, jewelry, and found objects. I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I like stitching it.

E-mail Cynthia.gossage@yahoo.com
Phone 301-789-4430
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