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David Leal


b. 1988 Lisbon, Portugal
David Leal lives and works in the Washington, DC metro area. He received a BFA in sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts from the University of Lisbon. In 2012 David was awarded a scholarship to study abroad in Southampton, Great Britain, at the Southampton Solent University. Recent exhibitions include Global Print 2013 at the Douro Museum and Multitudo at the Garden of Oeiras, Portugal.


Artist Statement/Focus

Found objects carry a genuine story that I ponder and express through my artwork. 
My process of making explores a direct relation between the human life and the natural world. These spatial interventions become neither, a neutral hybrid reflecting the limbo in between. 
It’s about survival, control, takeover and bliss. A violent war between matter in seek for body. After a complete conquer, the intervention finds bliss, turning neutral.
E-mail mail@david-leal.com
Phone (717) 383 9972
Web Links Website
Location Red Dirt Studio
3706 Otis St
Mt Rainier
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