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David Levy


Advocate, speaker and writer on children and animals.

  • Author of Revolt of the Animals, a 2010 fantasy novel in which the animalsrise up everywhere from Chernobyl to the Gulf Oil Spill -- to protect the earth from destruction by humans.  See http://www.earthhomepublishers.org and amazon.com.
  • Also President Emeritus of the Children's Rights Council, a national child advocacy organization based in Maryland whose motto is The Best Parent is Both Parents for children of separated, divorced, and never-married parents. 
  • I am also a custody consultant who advises parents and other attorneys.  I also do supervised visitations.  See http://www.custodyconsulting.org
  • David L. Levy, J.D., member of the Washington, D.C. and U.S. Supreme Court bars.
E-mail davidlevy2@gmail.com
Phone 301-927-1897
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Location 4212 Jefferson Street
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