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Diane Tuckman


I am an eclectic photographer who does not use Photoshop. What you see is what you get! Some of my most brilliant photographs are printed on silk. I am also a silk artist and paint on silk, my surface of choice. I co-authored three books on the art form  which I introduced to America in 1977. I also teach silk painting in my studio and by invitation in many locations. I also teach flower arranging and public speaking to young people, a life long skill.

Artist Statement/Focus

I have had a long time fascination with silk and its' wonderful properties. I helped to introduce silk painting to America in 1977 when I was the first to import the French dyes needed to paint on silk. I co- authored three books on the subject and teach the art form.
Silk painting is a direct paint-on method. Dyes are applied to silk fabrics using an exciting array of watercolor techniques. The brilliant translucent liquid colors merge to become an integral part of the fabric, which always remains soft to the touch. Silk painting is not static. Movement and fluidity are the hallmark of this art form. As the hand of the artist delicately guides the flow of the liquid, the colors glide through the silk and generate delight and excitement.

Historically, fabric painting was and continues to be very popular in the Far East: kimono art in Japan, delicate Chinese paintings on silk and beautiful intricate batiks from Indonesia. Silk painting as we know it today, was popularized by a French Parisian artist, Litza Bain. Bringing together the techniques first used by French milliners and silk flower makers as well as Russian artists who immigrated to France in the early part of the century, she combined these elements and developed a system for silk painting. She started to teach the art form in the early 1960s. Since then, silk painting has risen in popularity as artists the world over have found this a uniquely attractive method of decorating fabrics. Silk painting is creating ART on fabric with SILK as the canvas. Silk paintings can be designed as Art to hang, or functional, such as for wearable art or home décor. Quilters, sewers, interior and fashion designers have found hand painted silks very useful for their purposes.

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