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Elizabeth Caesar


Inspired by parents who designed and created costumes for Carnival competitions in Trinidad, I have been involved in creating art in one way or another from an early age, ranging from costume designs to murals from fabric, string, and found items. I love natural things, especially wood, even termite eaten wood, and I find seeds, pods, bark etc., artistically interesting.

I am a Desktop Publisher/Designer by profession, but designing and creating works of art is my passion. Music, color, and movement, are my sources of inspiration, and I often draw from my past experiences as a bass player to transfer the rhythms of steel band music into my poems, and unto my canvases. Although I work predominantly with acrylics, oils, and pencil, any medium that’s handy at the moment my creativity is stimulated will do, and my art figures are examples of another avenue where I express my love for music and costume designs. 

“Making Art” is my oxygen...it's the thing that keeps me sane.

E-mail creativeart2paint@gmail.com
Phone 301-467-4837
Web Links Website
Location 7028 Nashville Road
Lanham MD
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