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Etaniel Ben Yehuda


"‘E as Poetlove Water’ is the poetic moniker of Etaniel Ben Yehuda.  ‘E' has been writing creatively since the age of 13.  Writing served as an escape from the realities of growing up in America.  By 19, Etaniel gained the confidence to share his poetry with friends, family, and some community members.  By the age of 21, he started to attend and perform at Open Mic venues around Virginia, Washington DC, and Baltimore. In 2001, Ben Yehuda decided to relocate to Miami  Etaniel’s writing life leapt.  At this time, Mr. Ben Yehuda is performing regularly at Open Mic venues in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, writing online music reviews (for artists like Ras Shaggai), contributing to a few Caribbean publications (Jamaicans.com, Kulcha Shok Muzik), and hosting a ’Roots and Words’ Poetry/Open Mic and DJ night in South Beach.  Upon a return to VA in 2004, E crossed paths with an old friend, Soul Elcock (Spoken Word Artist/Illustrator/Painter/DJ).  The idea was presented for a small group of writers to meet on Sundays.  The only criteria was to write new material and present. By 2006, the group had disseminated because of its members’ personal and professional obligations.  Etaniel adopted a new life schedule, which included returning to school at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). The writings decreased dramatically.  In 2008, he accepted freelance writing opportunities with The Virginia Defender and a few cultural/entertainment venues around the Central Virginia area.  Also, Ben Yehuda began to learn Piano to improve his songwriting skills.  After studying International Studies at VCU, he received a call to relocate to New York City.  In September 2009, the move was complete.  While in NYC, E as Poetlove Water performed at local open mics and been a featured artist at 'Urban Juke Joint', 'Tavern of Creativity' and 'Pieces for Revolution' and became a member of the NYC Writer's Group(based in Harlem).  As an actor, he played ""Blue Erdheim"" in the off-Broadway play, 'Slums of Neverland', guest appearance in the documentary, 'Soul Food Junkies' and two short films by NY-based filmmaker, Rebekah Frimpong (BGNB Productions).  From 2010-2011, E served as Percussionist for the NY-based Afro-Rock band, Osekre and the Lucky Bastards.
In 2012, Mr. Ben Yehuda published his first book of poetry entitled 'The Chronicles of Air, Water and the Source'.  In Fall 2012, he is scheduled to release a book of poetry/prose/art and a health & wellness manual for the marginalized Black and Latin American communities.

Artist Statement/Focus

"Writing has been the greatest tool for release.  Although I have expressed my creatively through acting, singing, dancing, ""clothing manipulation"" and craftmaking, writing perfectly conveys the message(s) I need to share.

When I prepare to start a writing, I always make certain that my mind is clear.  This allows the words to flow freely from the soul to the paper/screen.  The running theme in my works have been introspection.  This started from the beginning to the present.  The feedback received over the years is primarily the ability for me to express what so many people are unable or afraid to express fully.  I believe that all questions can be answered internally, while the world confirms that the answer is correct/applicable.

As stated before, the creation process begins with a blank mind.  Then, I explore the soul realm to determine which subject-matter has been most impressing.  Sometimes, I am in a non-creative space and the inspiration comes to write something.  These are the times that I must jot down notes or fully write the poem that wants to be birthed.  We must remember that artists are vessels, as with mothers.  We have the choice to give birth or abort the process.  There must be a consideration of ""what if...?"", meaning who/what/will the work help.  I find myself most inspired by random people/meetings, visual artists (painters, photographers) and musicians.  "

E-mail me@easpoetlovewater.com
Phone 718.812.5942
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Location Hyattsville
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