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Ida Mitchell


Ida mitchell current works are a blend of modern and abstract images using mixed acrylic paints on canvas. Her work contains mixture of colors created in different tones and textures.

Ms. Mitchell’s has participated and sold her work in several regional
venues, group exhibits and festivals. Her work has been seen recently in Alexandria, VA - Torpedo Factory, Washington, DC – Pepco Edison Gallery, BWAC Gallery, a solo show in Bowie in addition to Arts on N Street , Touchstone Gallery, Hyattsville’s Arts festival and Eastern Markets .

Artist Statement/Focus

Artist Statement – Ida Mitchell

I am inspired by many artists. Artists that are among my favorites
are Georgia O’ Keefe, Sam Gilliam and Sculptor Chakaia Booker.

I painted in oils, just a little, but most of my work is in acrylic. I do some mix
media work in sand, ink and spray paint. I am devoted to exploring, learning and experiment with other medium and techniques.

My process in creating not only through sketching, but just starting on a blank canvas and feeling my way while painting, sometime seeing images and expanding on this.

How do I feel about my art. I’m amazed at some of the painting that I have
created and how it was develop into different stages. It is hard for me to judge my work when I am fully engage into creating. I am exploring, seeing different images, colors and using different strokes in order to achieve the level where I am take it to my satisfaction enough to sign my signature.


E-mail artida@verizon.net
Phone 202-347-1330
Web Links Website
Location Washington, DC
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