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David Dowling


IsItModern? was created by David Dowling to help bring the world of Modern Dance into the Modern Age in terms of Multimedia presentation and documentation. In a nutshell, we offer Video, Photography, and Promotion for the world of dance.

Artist Statement/Focus

IM? offers video, social media promotion, and design services for artists.

IIM? desires to change the landscape of how video is shot and presented within the world of Dance. Standard practice dictates a dance performance be shot from the back of the auditorium, and over the heads of the audience. This is counterproductive and further distances the video viewer from the experience of a live audience. IsItModern? breaks these rules and aims to employ varying techniques to bring the experience as close as it can be to its original and intended form.

Our flagship service, however, remains our rehearsal videos.
In 2013, our goal is to highlight the importance of rehearsal footage for Fund-raising Campaigns, Grants and Show Promotion.

E-mail dndowling@gmail.com
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Location Washington/MD/VA
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