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James Landry


Prior to getting his first SLR camera, James Landry was trying his hand at oil paints but couldn't afford the supplies needed for the large paintings that he saw in his mind's eye The camera became a means to an end. As a photographer, he sees like a painter. Since he neither manipulates nor crops his prints in the darkroom, what the viewer sees is exactly what he saw when he tripped the shutter. In 1998, he began to create acrylic paintings based on his photographs, thereby coming full circle. His current acrylic works are based on photos reduced to 1 inch x 1 inch residing in both an abstract and photo surrealists space at the same time. Services offered: private commissions Target audience: adults/young adults

Artist Statement/Focus

My work deals with the abstract portraiture/landscape imagery

E-mail jplandry@hotmail.com
Phone 301 864 4863
Location 4712 Oliver Street
Riverdale Park
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