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JDBfromtheMAG, a native of Magnolia, AR, is one of the few who have chosen to use their talent for an overall better cause. Having been guided by the footsteps of his mentors, JDBfromtheMAG has been able to slowly craft his skills into a form that will allow for him to spread his message to all those that seek great music. JDBfromtheMAG has teamed with his counterpart Chief Menace to form All Black Team. All Black Team Music is the platform for which his current music will be presented.

His main focus and goal at hand is to ensure that he opens the listener’s ears on the different things that are taking place in the world. Currently living in the Washington, D.C. area, JDBfromtheMAG has been able to find the true light and courage inside of him to allow him to choose the road of spiritual awareness. 

Artist Statement/Focus

Bring good music to the world from a good person....

E-mail jdbfromthemag@gmail.com
Phone 2026770058
Web Links Website
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