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Joe Brewer


Brewer's Arcade was established in 2008 in the hopes of repairing, restoring, and resurrecting classic vintage arcade and pinball machines. The purpose of this collection is to showcase the artistic aspects of video games and the colorful, detailed artwork that each machine showcases. Most machines are over 30+ years old and have been carefully and metitulously restored to their "like new" condition using only original parts and like mediums for artwork including backglasses, sideart, and stenciled cabinets.


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Artist Statement/Focus

Brewer's Arcade serves to showcase the artistic and historical signifigance of vintage arcade and pinball machines both from a graphical standpoint and by showcasing the various mediums used on each machine.

E-mail brewermail@gmail.com
Phone 301-922-2959
Web Links Website
Location 4015 35th St.
Mount Rainier
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