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Joe Hicks


As an Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Marymount University in Arlington, VA, I am in charge of the ceramics program and teach all 3D courses.  I have been working in DC since 2001 and am excited to have moved to Mount Rainier to start my own ceramics shop in 2014. 

Artist Statement/Focus

My work promotes how material and process affect each other and how the nature of this collaboration can become visual aesthetics captured on the surfaces of my ceramic vessels. Because this relationship is more radiant than direct, I use fire as a tool transcendentally extending my touch to engage with and decorate the surfaces of my vessels. This interaction is unpredictable and it challenges my ideas of control. I prefer to use carbon-trap shino glazes for their profound ability to interact with the firing atmosphere providing an endless investigation in colliding randomness with structure. My vessels become individualized artifacts that capture and forever display the alliance between process and material. I revel in shino?s versatility and it continuously challenges my character, my ability, and my knowledge of the ceramic process.

E-mail jthix@hotmail.com
Phone 202.213.2945
Web Links Website
Location 3709 37th Street
Mount Rainier
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