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Jordan Denari


A recreational artist, Jordan hopes that her drawings and paintings can promote better understanding between people of different religious or cultural backgrounds. Particularly focused on Muslim-Christian relations in her career as a researcher, Jordan brings these themes into her art. Having lived abroad in Amman, the capital city of the country which bears her first name, she often incorporates Arabic calligraphy into her works.

At the moment, none of Jordan's larger works are for sale. However, Jordan is happy to take requests for personalized cards. Whether it be for a birthday, a religious occasion, or other event, Jordan is happy to speak with you about making a one-of-a-kind card. The price will be determined by the labor and materials involved.

Jordan is also a writer, composing essays and poetry. You can see her blog here: jordandenari.com. Her writing on Muslim-Christian relations has been published in TIME, The Washington Post, America, and Commonweal, among others.

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