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Karen O. Brown


With a background in art and anthropology, Karen Olivia Brown has worked as an artist, designer, teach» er and curator. An avid traveler, Brown has studied and worked in Poland, Russia, Japan, India and Haiti and has traveled to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Chile, Peru and most recentiy Cuba. She has been commissioned for art installations by the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities and the District of Columbia for installations in the Washington Convention Center. For the past three years, she has served as an artist-in-residence with the Gateway CDC and Education Iniatives through Joe’s  Arts Movement Emporium/World Arts Focus in Mount Rainier.

Services offered: site-specific installations; private commissions

Artist Statement/Focus

I create two and three-dimensional works of art, using wood, paper, paint, found materials and collage. Through my work, I find new layers of meaning and ways to communicate emotions and ideas. I skate on the edge between reality and abstraction, swaying gently between these two worlds; looking for connections between color and tight, darkness and reflection, fact and fiction.

E-mail kobrown@earthlink.net
Phone 202-483-6507
Location 3311 Rhode Island Ave.
Mount Rainier
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