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About Rodney L. Ladson

At a young age, photographer and innovator Rodney L Ladson, realized his love and passion for photography. He was exposed to photography by a photography club while attending Taft Jr. high school. Rodney began selling photographs to his classmates for fifty cents per print.

While attending McKinley Tech High School, the opportunity to further his knowledge of photography was provided by the Lemuel A. Penn Center.  Rodney studied Commercial Photography; he was chosen to participate in the Stay In School program at the David Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center as a Lab Assistant and Photographer.

The emerging entrepreneur fell in love with the art of story telling. Realizing his drive for the communications industry, (television, radio, photography, film) he decided to attend college and pursue a degree in TV/Radio broadcasting and Film at Montgomery College.

With over 30 years of experience, Rodney L Ladson has worked in numerous fields such as radio production, live radio broadcasting, television broadcasting and webcast, and commercial and retail photography. His skills and passion allows him to photograph: portraiture, fashion, editorial, stock, catalog and landscapes.  Rodney has also worked with top companies such as Al Jazeera English, Voice of America, WJLA-TV, Skehan Communications, and U.S Chamber of commerce, amongst others.

Feel free to contact me at (301) 655-0337 or rodney@keydpv.com.


Artist Statement/Focus

I have been involved with visual medians since I was fourteen years old and first saw an image develop from a white sheet of paper in the darkroom. When I saw a real time image produced with a  video camera I was amazed and became very interested in the use of that tool.  I was introduced to radio as part of my college curriculum but my love of radio was increased by volunteering at WAMU FM.  At WAMU FM I was a part of the Urban Communications Workshop "Spirits Known and Unknown".  This was an each one teach experience.  I volunteered on Saturdays for six years.

These skills are responsible for my employment with the US. Chamber of Commerce (6 years), WJLA TV (17 years) and 30 years of freelance work.  I managed the Audio Visual Department at Union Temple Baptist Church for 18 months.

My vision for use of these skill have been to use them as an educational tool and one that can bring about positive social change and awareness.
I have decided to more aggressively pursue my real desire to use these skill in a manner to help people.  The arts is an excellent way to bring awareness to people.  Artist have been a major force in social change.  I have photography skills, Audio Production skills as well as videography but most important… I care.

The current project that I am seeking funding is one that  will give honor to ancestors that dedicated their life toward social change and will also help build self esteem for people of the same heritage.  This should also help people have a better appreciation for people of all cultures.  My creative style is to entertain as well as educate.  My video projects produced demonstrates my ability to get non professional people to relax and present on camera their story.


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