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Khadijah Moon—Singer/Songwriter & Poet


Khadijah Moon weaves mesmerizing vocals beautifully around thought-provoking lyrics that range in topic from the spiritual to the carnal. Rooted in careful melodies that blend harmonically with sounds composed by producer Ben Beta, Khadijah Moon's vocals enchant against a vivid backdrop of jazzy soul rhythms.  She is a recipient of a 2015 Individual Artist Award for Non-Classical Music Solo Performance by the Maryland State Arts Council and was named a 2012 Forty UNDER 40 in the Arts and Humanities by the Prince George's County Social Innovation Fund.

A multi-talented artist, Khadijah Moon hosts 5th Tuesdays Open Mic at Busboys & Poets on 14th and V St. in Washington, DC

Artist Statement/Focus

I am a whirlwind of energy- always circling, expanding and absorbing, even while still. My life experiences have had such an impact on my consciousness that I’ve found that writing has allowed me the opportunity to process my often strong feelings through sharing and artistic use of words. Poetry, then, became my therapy, play writing became my podium and essays became my study hall as I mastered ways to engage audiences. I am still expanding. Yet, my moments of stillness, when my work becomes a part of someone else’s whirlwind, I am most appreciative. For then, I believe, my art has begun to live. From performing to writing and teaching, I thrive off of opportunities to share ideas and incite dialogue through the use of art.

E-mail khadijahmoonmusic@gmail.com
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