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Laura Irene


Laura Irene is a gal who loves cheese, good music, nice Japanese paper, hot tea and circles. She wants the world to dance together and laugh often. Laura received her Bachelor of Arts in Painting with a concentration in Printmaking. She takes up space in the Nation's Capital with plans to derail the season of Winter for as long as possible. Laura does not own a winter coat as a transplanted East Coaster and has no plans to fully embrace winter, ever.

Artist Statement/Focus

Subtitles. The subtitles of life are often passed by - your quiet thoughts as you pass time in silence. You need them to convey to others what it is your heart sees or what you need for yourself in order to have a conversation with the quiet, your thoughts and the moment. It is through the subtitles of life that I listen to my quiet thoughts finding beauty in the lost and forgotten. The more I delve into my quiet world, the more I become aware of my own surroundings with a great love for the earth, the sun and the moon yet always looking towards Mars. I strive for the appreciation and necessity of subtitles through the simpler versions of life such as a great line, the unassuming crack in the sidewalk or an inadvertent stain. A love of the simple beauty that surrounds us- should consume us- and fill our life’s holes with grand sighs or a fulfilling breath. Do breathe that in, do exhale loudly. My work strives to reach not only those that appreciate an encapsulating texture, but especially to those that never thought to accept beauty in such a simple manner. My work is a quiet expression of delectable whispers, waves, shapes, forgotten textures, rare beats and lines. The lines of life are never straight yet we strive to make a line perfect, when in reality it is crooked, broken, reattached and in need of love. I fall for lines in all directions, getting lost in them in the process. My process is just as important as the outcome. It is through my process that I find truth in my work. I take objects not normally seen as beautiful and create an environment for them to be seen as worthy. I take the delicate and make it strong, the strong I make fragile. Most of the time the new realized consume its new space evoking a change of thought or so I hope. I work in beeswax and dirt, paper and wood. My goal is to bring together the natural elements as a form of art that not only is physically captivating but art to evoke a change of mind. I am a work in progress. Do climb in.
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