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Michelle Puhl Price


Making puppets just seems to be the right thing for me to do. I love exploring the art form and creating the cavalcade of characters. Creating comes naturallyto me, just like breathing. My full time day gig is teaching Visual Art to a bunch of middle school students. It's a blast and always an adventure. I get my inspiration from them and my family. All of my puppets are individually named because their characteristically remind me of my students, family or friends.

Artist Statement/Focus

As an artist I truely believe we need to re-invent ourselves.  I tell my students to be open to new ideas and think BIG.  I love making my puppets and even if they are just a creative release they are fun and I want to share the silliness of imagination.  When I go to the craft shows I like to display the puppets as if they are in conversation.  My hope is to have people drawn in and put down their devices.  I want them to use their imagination again.  As an educator, I am seeing a decrease in the creative spirit and the desire to explore and invent.  The magical world of Jim Henson opened my eyes as a child and I hope to spark a handful of puppet friends through my travels.  


E-mail mppouttaourminds@gmail.com
Phone 240-498-1391
Web Links Website
Location 12291 Coppermine Rd
Union Bridge
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