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Olin Smith


Summary Qualifications:
I am an experienced videographer (HD and SD) with excellent technical and aesthetic abilities. I have strong interpersonal skills and am a creative problem-solver. I enjoy working as part of a team but also work independently. My experience includes work as a Director of Photography (DP) for many location productions. I bring strong creative abilities to my work but exercise them appropriately within the practical considerations of time, budget, and producer/client direction.


• Videographer in a wide variety of settings
• Anticipates post production needs with excellent shot composition and variety
• Director of Photography
• Jib and dolly operation
• Assistant director/director

• Expert lighting techniques
• Managing and prepping on-camera talent
• Equipment maintenance and prep
• Organizing production teams
• Scheduling and managing freelancers

Employment History:

Motion Media, Inc     Portland, Maine
Owner/Production Manager    January, 1992 to January, 2013

Motion Media is production house that provides broadcast, online, and training production services. Here, I have done videography for projects ranging from public television documentaries and news magazines to promotional videos and training presentations.

I also served as lead videographer for the seven original, independent films I’ve produced since 2003. These screen plays were recorded in a variety of challenging, live-to-tape settings and involved numerous on-camera talent and specific shot blocking and exact timing.

My numerous freelance on-location videographer assignments include productions for Fox News, CSPAN, PBS Newshour, Good Morning America, and many other national news and public affairs programs. I completed these assignments with live feeds using satellite uplinks.

Media Source, Inc.     Portland and Augusta, Maine
Production Manager, Videographer, Editor  January, 1985 to December, 1991
Media Source provided video production services for television programs, commercials, and nonbroadcast applications.  Among other videographer assignments here, I served as lead videographer for several seasons of a news magazine/public affairs television series (preparing pre-recorded, location video packages).

Community Television Network   Portland, Maine
TV Production Instructor     September, 1990 to September, 1994
CTN is a nationally groundbreaking community TV station that trains community residents how to produce their own TV programs both on-location and in- studio. I taught videography, lighting, audio and all elements of location production as well as post production.

Ad Media, Inc.       Augusta, Maine
Production Assistant/Assistant Director    September, 1983 to December, 1985
Ad Media was an advertising agency with a wide array of national clients and an outstanding reputation for producing award-winning commercials and media campaigns for successful political candidates.

Video Productions, Inc.     Bangor and Portland, Maine
Camera operator/Director/Editor   September, 1980 to August, 1983
Video Productions (VP) produced multi-camera, studio-based and multi-camera, on-location television programs that were recorded live-to-tape from VP’s mobile production van. Program genres included sports coverage, music, and entertainment variety.

• First place award, National MTV Stop Violence Campaign competition. Worked with a group of at-risk students at Westbrook Teen Center to script and produce this 30-second public service announcement, chosen from among 2500 entries for the top honor.
• ITVA Silver Reel Award for AIDS: Maine Responds, a 6-part series of 6-minute information segments for broadcast.
• ITVA Gold Reel Award for Removal without Tears, a half hour instructional tape prepared for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and now in international distribution.
• Broderson Award from the Portland Ad Club for Outward Bound, a motivational tape for Prudential Capital.
• ITVA Gold Reel Award, for The Best of Tim Sample, live-to-tape, multi-camera location production of Maine’s popular downeast humorist, distributed through L.L. Bean.

Broadcast Credits:

• Maine Media Workshop and College, Rockland, Maine
• Penobscot Consortium, 26-week  on-the-job television production training program
• Bangor High School, Bangor, Maine

E-mail olinsmith@rocketmail.com
Phone 207-837-8389
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Location 6210 Belcrest Rd
Apt. 1251
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