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Pat Doyen


I am a photographer, filmmaker and media artist living in Riverdale Park. Trained as a film archivist, I love the old, the unknown, the quirky and the unsung. I also host a radio show on soundtrack music.

I studied at NYU, State University of New York at Buffalo, and at the Selznick School of Film Preservation. My work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, recently at The Mitchell Gallery in Annapolis, the Off-Rhode Gallery and ArtDC in DC, the Washington School for Photography and the Surreal Salon at the Baton Rouge Gallery. I have also taught classes and workshops at Visual Studies Workshop, LSU, William & Hobart Smith College, and others.

Artist Statement/Focus

Previously living in Louisiana, I became inspired by the incredible beauty of the swamps and distinctive landscapes there. My photography tends to highlight the unique plants and animals I see when traveling, but I love to find the beauty all around me, whether it’s an abandoned building or in my backyard.

My filmmaking is heavily influenced by my training as a film archivist.  I look for an alternative way of presenting a familiar image, so my work tends to be a hybrid of genres and techniques. My interest with the surface and textural aspects of film is expressed by use of hand processing, toning, and optical printing. Often I use “real” footage to tell a fictional story. I like the idea that a story can be both true and false at the same time.

E-mail Pat.doyen@yahoo.com
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Location 6208 44th Ave.
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