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Patti Nelson


Patti Nelson has an MFA in Ceramics from SUNY New Paltz, where she was a Sojourner Truth Fellow. She has a BA in Fine Art with departmental honors from Hunter College, NYC, and majored in Integrative Studies, International Relations and Women Studies with a minor in Comparative Religion from Hendrix College, Conway, AR. Patti Nelson has shown nationally and internationally including DC, Seattle, and NYC (Chelsea and Brooklyn), and Budapest, Hungary. She has taught at the university level, in elementary schools, at the Clay Art Center in Port Chester, NY and currently teaches at the Cheltenham Center for the Arts in Philadelphia where she is the ceramics artist in residence. She currently serves as the Director of Pegasus ArtWorks and Young@Art, the arts programs of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware.

Her multi-media installation based (ceramics, video, and found materials), and often site specific work ask the viewer to look at the familiar in a new way and challenge assumptions of value, importance and use.

Artist Statement/Focus

The transmission of information is fraught with disconnections.  Trying to impart our perceptions of reality to others can feel futile at times.  We see things as we expect them to be.  The peripheries of society, disparities between groups of people, distribution of and access to resources, system failures - such as with the world financial market - all become unseen until the ramifications demand we wake up from our assumptions.

Interruptions create moments when realities get crossed and layered and meaning becomes confounded.  It is this interruption - a glitch or failure - which creates a pause that allows us to connect, notice and re-evaluate.

My body of work investigates the way we experience space, objects and our surroundings, attempting to bring light to what goes unnoticed in our environment. Influenced by my roots - being born in the Midwest and spending most of my youth in the Deep South - I am autobiographically motivated, while exploring broader issues of the use of space and the politics of noticing. I am drawn to decay, disrepair, the overlap of the industrial over domestic space, the intersection of technology, the found and the handmade, and conflicting materials and images that reflect the breakdown in contemporary society.

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