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Peter B. McClintock


Peter B. McClintock
4901 40th Place Hyattsville MD 20781

Artist Biography:
Peter McClintock currently lives with his family in the Gateway Arts District outside Washington, DC where he maintains a studio and creates oil paintings as a profession. Upon completing an extraordinary year at the Virginia Military Institute in 1978, Peter transferred to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond where he earned his BFA in Painting in 1982. He then moved to Austin, TX, where he continued painting and established himself as a craftsman. Pursuing both painting and fine woodwork Peter relocated several times, residing in Washington DC, the East Village in NYC and finally, suburban Maryland. He focused on fine furniture and architectural millwork through one of the regions most distinguished builders until 2011. The experience informed his artwork; witnessing the influence architecture has on the way the world beyond is perceived. After a few years working in art education, Peter committed fully to creating paintings that reflect his dedication to craft and his unique expression of how we see the world.

Artist Statement/Focus

Artist Statement:

My work revolves upon the horizon created by our architecture, where infrastructure and experience meet. I join two canvases, an inside and outside, expressing phisically the division between the two.

My subjects are both iconic and personal. We have seen these images before, many times. We also have our own relationship wirh them, developed over time. Art can allow us to experience the familiar with fresh context.


E-mail pbmcclintock@gmail.com
Phone 301-442-4419
Web Links Website
Location 4901 40th Place
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