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Pitches Be Crazy Vocal Band


Pitches Be Crazy (also known as PBC) is a 5 person, all vocal cover band based out of Fort Washington, MD.   Using no instruments or backing music, PBC creates all of the music vocally with the use of electronic effects processors to enhance the product.  Although the music is created solely by the vocalist's voices, the use of effects processors creates a full-instrument band sound.  With heavy percussion and sub-harmonic bass, PBC creates music similar to any other full-instrument band. 

PBC also provides other services to include front of house pro audio and concert audio and graphic art services.

Genre:  R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Funk, Disco, Soul, Pop
Style:  A cappella
Audience Demographic: All ages (PBC does have some adult content music that is performed only for audiences and venues 18+)
Awards:  National Cherry Blossom Competition (Finalist), National Harmony Sweepstakes Competition (Two time Mid-Atlantic Regional Semi-Finalist), 2016 MusiCom Champions
Other Notable Products:  Commercial Jingle ("Arm Share" device)

Artist Statement/Focus

The PBC mission statement is comprised of three simple words:  "MAKE DOPE NOISE".  Our core purpose is to create music by the artists who have inspired us.  From R&B icons like TLC, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, and Toni Braxton, to pop stars Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, hip-hop legends Tupac, Ice Cube, Missy Elliot and DMX, and influences of disco era superstars like Diana Ross, Rose Royce, and others, PBC Vocal Band continues to make #dopenoise and continues to spread joy through music for fans around the world.

E-mail pbcvocalband@gmail.com
Phone 8665774970
Web Links Website
Location 12019 Bion Drive
Fort Washington
Upcoming Events

(No upcoming events.)

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