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Richard Morris


Novelist, singer and songwriter Richard Morris is author of three novels.

His latest, Masjid Morning, winner of a Finalist award in the International Book Awards, is an interfaith romance about Atif, a Muslim University of Maryland student, and Amy, a young Christian woman who has just graduated from high school. They meet, so he can tell her about Islam, and fall in love. Meanwhile, his father, chief surgeon at a hospital, is leading a group that is building a masjid (mosque), and her father, a wealthy dairy farmer, is heading a group that is doing everything they can think of to keep it out of their town. Kirkus Reviews called it "a thought-provoking and ultimately moving story" and Kathy Cunningham describes it as "a powerful novel about hate and intolerance--religious and racial. But even more than that,  it's a Romeo and Juliet romance about two young people caught up in their parents' feud."

Writer's Digest said that his previous novel, Canoedling in Cleveland, "deserves a place in every middle school and high school library." It's a young adult novel for people of all ages. It takes place in 1960 and is about three teens who decide to canoe all the rivers and lakes around Cleveland the summer before their senior year in high school. They experience polluted waters and canoe the Cuyahoga, which caught on fire in 1969 and prompted the U.S. Clean Water Act. They face disaster on stormy Lake Erie. Two of the teens decide to explore why their suburb has no Negroes and later try to exchange visits with Negro teens they meet. Author Stanford Pritchard calls the novel "a deeply touching coming-of-age tale . . . as timeless as Huckleberry Finn."  

In his novel, Well Considered, a thriller that takes place in Prince George’s County, Ron Watkins looks into the 1907 mob murder of his great-grandfather on a Maryland tobacco plantation. Kirkus Reviews describes it as “a sensitive study of race and history in the American South.” Robert Fleming of AALBC.com calls it “a profoundly memorable and affecting novel.”

Vietnam Veterans of America reviewer David Willson says of Morris's novel  Cologne No. 10 For Men, "There aren't very many funny Vietnam War infantry books. This is one of them. Read it and be amazed."  Writers' Digest calls it “a superb novel of the Vietnam war, a novel that compares favorably with those earlier “dark humor” war novels such as CATCH-22 and M.A.S.H. The writing crackles with authenticity.” Kirkus compares it to those books and also says that it "carries echoes of Tim O'Brien's similarly toned The Things They Carried." Cologne was recently selected for inclusion in the U.S. Naval Academy library.

Morris, who was a rifle platoon leader in Vietnam, also wrote a series of songs there that he performs on his CD Skytroopers. Listen and download the album at  CDBaby.com.  The books are available online, on Kindle, and in county libraries. Morris is available to speak and read at book clubs and other events.


View a PDF of Cuts from Cologne No. 10 For Men

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