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Rick Ruggles


Rick Ruggles was born in the Buckeye State and earned a degree in geology from Oberlin College. He began discovering and photographing heart-shaped images about a decade ago. His collection now numbers in the thousands, and hundreds of them are in print in a series of inspirational items including framed prints, posters, cards, & magnets. The images are widely varied: he has found hearts in clouds, litter, shadows, grafitti, flowers, food, spots on animals, and much more. Rick has exhibited his work at the Smithsonian Craft Show, American Craft Council shows, the New York International Gift Fair and the National Stationery Show. It has also been found at prominent musuem stores across the country, including the National Building Museum and the Museum of Photographic Arts.

Artist Statement/Focus

Perhaps it was my training in geology that led me to focus on details within the larger landscape. My eyes are now attuned to the heart shape in the world around me and it is a rare day that I don’t find at least one new image to add to the collection. I carry my camera almost everywhere and have photographed thousands of hearts, exactly as I find them. I am delighted by the number of people who tell me that they now spot hearts too.

E-mail rick@rickruggles.com
Phone 202-309-4529
Web Links Website
Location 4221 32nd Street
Mount Rainier
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