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Sarah Nikitopoulos


Originally from Long Island, NY, Sarah graduated from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 2010, specializing in glaze formulation. She now lives in Brentwood, MD pursuing her own studio practice and working part time as a studio assistant.

Artist Statement/Focus

I work primarily in ceramics because of its inherent connection to geology and chemistry; lifelong fascinations and curiosities which have drawn me to the beauty of interweaving science and art into my process. Crystallization, metamorphosis, and other geological processes that take millions of years can be mimicked in the kiln. For me, formulating glazes and experimenting with materials is a way of understanding the beautiful, fascinating universe around me.

Attention to detail is paramount; components are engineered to fit precisely, and functional ware designed to be comfortable to use – all acting as a canvas for captivating glazes. The glazes used in my work are devised from formulaic knowledge and months of experimentation. I focus primarily on crystalline glazes, which not only have a relationship to geological surfaces, but also reference other patterns in nature such as nebulae, bacteria, and lichen. Each piece commands attention from a distance; closer inspection continuously fascinates the viewer with a plethora of surface nuances.

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Location 3815 34th Street
Mount Rainier
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