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Satchmoe Art


ERICK SATCHELL II (Owner/Tattoo Artist & Designer)

"Make Art Your Reality"
The meaning of this quote has great meaning to me. I've been an artist just about all of my life. I started taking interest in art as a child, then pursued a degree in Fine Arts, and now owning my own art business, Satchmoe Art. I'm a graduate of NYIT with a bachelor's degree in fine arts and other concentrations in business and communication arts. Combining all three fields allows me to have the success I have today, knowing the business side to the art field and being able to produce the art. My business, Satchmoe Art, is a one-stop shop for all of your artistic needs whether its a tattoo, drawing, logo, digital print, etc. Recently, my close friend Donte Fletcher and I decided to partner up to combine music and tattoos in one studio. Donte is an audio engineer who will be recording, mastering and producing music. Check out his credentials below........

DONTE FLETCHER (Studio Owner/Audio Engineer)

"Get credits and create great music"
Growing up I was around a lot of music and the feeling I got and still get now is unexplainable. All I can say is the passion runs deep and if theres music to be made I'd love to be there to help get it out there! I graduated from Husson University with my Bachelors in Audio Engineering. After graduating I moved back to DC where I interned at GTown Studios. A few months later I moved to NYC where I interned at The Cutting Room Studio. There I learned from a variety of engineers with credits reaching from WuTang Clan to JayZ. I got a chance to work with Chance The Rapper and Lana Del Ray to name few. After I left I moved to MD and worked at another studio, as well as a live sound production company. All that has brought me to my main goal of having my own studio. 

Artist Statement/Focus

One stop studio for anything you need including tattoos, digital art, logos, art, record & mastering music...

E-mail erick_satchell@yahoo.com
Phone 3017421891
Web Links Website
Location 4331 Gallatin Street
Unit 201B
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