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Susan Putnam Kleps


  Susan Putnam Kleps holds an MA in Studio Art and Theory from Drury University and an MA in Art Education from the University of Nebraska Kearney.  Originally from Missouri, Susan has travelled extensively and now calls the Washington DC region home. 

Artist Statement/Focus

My art is a never-ending documentation of life.  Whether it is a past experience or simply an observation, all of my thoughts, hopes, dreams, beliefs, mistakes, failures and disappointments find a home within my artwork.

I was raised with a patriarch who was a "collector" of all things.  Some would call this behavior hoarding, while others might view it as a quirky form of treasure hunting.  Call it what you must, but I grew up surrounded by...stuff.  A lot of stuff!  As a child, this was maddening to me, as I wanted to be the "normal" kid living in the "normal" house.  But now that I am grown, I realize that this background had a profound impact on my art. 

More often than not, my art is like my upbringing.  As an artist, I can't name one or two major artistic influences, but find that I have "collected" bits and pieces of inspiration from hundreds of different artists. 

My previous work has focused on the topics of neglect, abandon, accumulation, overwhelm, excess and extreme detailing.  These topics are rendered as both a physical environment and a mental state of being.


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