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I am an artist since birth and a designer since college. I went to a magnet art high school in Montgomery County Maryland called Art Center located in Einstein HS. I then continued my art education at College for Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan, Where I received MY BFA in Industrial Design. I have been working for different architecture and design firms in the area since 2006.

Artist Statement/Focus

I am a messy painter. By the time am done I am covered in my art. I love using a mix of different media in both 2d and 3d form. People always tell me they can see the passion in my work. I have been doing architectural design for my income for the last 5 years and let my fine art side slack. Well my friends no longer! I am back and with the same if not more passion then I had before!

E-mail tendesign@hotmail.com
Location 6008 43rd st
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