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Multidisciplinary artist and educator specializing in handmade paper creations that create atmosphere.  Post-media is how I think of my work.  It may all originate from the paper that I make and the work represents a sense of ego loss.  I put a part of myself into the things I create and just keep pouring more and more into the work until it becomes an extension of myself, at that point I completely detach myself from the piece and allow others to experience.

Originally from Virginia Beach I eventually moved to Washington DC to go to school at the Corcoran College of Art and Design.  I received a BFA in fine art in 2015 and began working at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center as a papermaking associate.  I currently teach papermaking workshops and well as a marbling and paper cutting workshop as well.  In the past I've taught a 6 week long high school paper making course with a focus on using sustainable plant fibers and recycled materials.   During the school year I work as an EBB (excel beyond the bell) contractor and go to different Montgomerey County middle schools to teach after school art and design classes.

ive worked together with a non profit organization, the fearless fund.  The project cleans up water pollution by harvesting macro algae and I then turn the macro algae or sea weed into different kinds of decorative and fine art papers.

Artist Statement/Focus

The sacrificial ritual that is the artistic process creates a spiritual experience.  Elaborating on the concept of destruction as form of creation, and exploring the coexisting relationship that is the fine line between chaos and control. Often I find myself searching for order in what is seemingly disorder. Death of the ego is the result of a transcendental experience, where as the creative process becomes entheogenic and as a result that experience can be shared with the viewer.

The creative impulse of making is one that can potentially defy logic and reason and sometimes requires the rules to be thrown out the window.  The expressive release of emotional energy makes waves that roll out in all directions.  Feeding these waves are themes of the self mutilation and cannibalization of artwork. The destruction of the old to create something new is a self propelling system of recycling.   This idea of recycling may be exploited not just in the way of turning one's trash into a commodity but also in the sense of using old artwork to create new work.

Influences come from all over and range from skate and surf subcultures to the tranquil yet chaotic qualities of water, as well as organic systems and networks.  Repetitive actions and the use of multiples creates an exponential buildup.  Through my process he unseen and the unknown may suddenly become approachable not just on a personal level but also becoming accessible to outsiders.  Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder in the ever complex interpersonal relationship that is visual aesthetics.

E-mail Vitapapermaking@gmail.com
Phone 7576203810
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Location 9703 47th Place
College Park
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