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Wayson Jones


My paintings and sculpture revolve around the idea of implicit association between image, memory, and emotion. Primal, hard-wired foundations for meaning are engaged through our visual sense. The first thing we recognize, without being taught, is the human face; visual associations proceed from this base through nature, the built environment, to spaces where all these interact.

I exploit these chains of association through manipulation of formal elements, primarily texture, shape, and color (or lack thereof). Many pieces are built around a central shape that serves as a proxy for the human head, landscape feature, or architectural object.

Much of the work is influenced by the sense of gesture, space, and spontaneity in abstract expressionism. Working flat, using quick-drying acrylic paints, acrylic gels, and dry pigments, and combining planning and chance are central to my process.

E-mail waysonjones@verizon.net
Phone 202 431-6710
Web Links Website
Location 4305 Rhode Island Avenue
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