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Winston Harris


The prints I have selected introduce traditional and non-traditional experimentation in contemporary printmaking produced in a two-dimensional and three-dimensional format.
After, I established progressive modification in my artwork, I applied different elements to display a transition such as introducing two disciplines into one format, transforming two-dimensional prints into three-dimensional structural forms, combining different mediums, reinventing the image by recycling past artwork into a new identity. An example of this progression would be to integrate a traditional printmaking technique with a digital process, creating a free standing structural print, combining traditional prints: lithograph, photo lithograph, silkscreen, etching, monotype & monoprint and/or digital prints with hand-colored processes and/or adding to the surface watercolors, colored pencils/pens/charcoal, paints etc.


View video of Printmaking in 3D by Prince George's CTV News:



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