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Learn about State and Local Housing Resources

For assistance finding a home within or nearby the Prince George's County Gateway Arts District, we've listed a number of property listing websites and resources below. If you're seeking hands-on financial, housing or rental assistance, contact the Prince George's County Department of Housing & Community Development: Their Programs & Services as well as the County Housing Authority is designed to help families and individuals find housing in a guided, step-by-step process. 


Arts District Property Listings

Below are links to where you can search for houses, apartments, rooms, etc. in and near the Gateway Arts District.

Looking to buy?

- A list of area realtors can be found on our Business Directory here.

- The Hyattsville CDC tracks the Metropolitan Regional Information Systems (MRIS) listing, which updates Hyattsville Area home sales, additional search parameters can be amended in limited fashion. 

Click here to track Commercial Listings
Click here to track Residential Listings
Click here to access the HyCDC Real Property Tax Credit Calculator and Commerical Rental Income Price Comparison Calculator

- Additionally, Zillow gathers all possible sales information they can find or that is submitted. Visit Hyattsville (20781), Brentwood (20722), North Brentwood (20722), and Mount Rainier (20722)/(20712) listings.

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development and Housing Authority features MDHousingSearch, a FREE resource for finding and listing housing anywhere in Maryland. Property providers across the state can post apartments and houses for rent at any time. This service is updated daily, so be sure to check back often for new listings. Visit Hyattsville, Brentwood, North Brentwood, and Mount Rainier's listings (20781, 20722, and 20712). When searching for rental properties, be sure to click under "Resources" on the right hand side "Short-term lease availabilities".


Looking for Artist Housing? 

- The Gateway Arts District is home to three seperate Artist Housing ("live/work") complexes. Each needs to be contacted individually, has a competitive waitlist, and its own strict income limit qualifications. Each has created a directory listing - click below:

Mount Rainier Artists' Lofts

Mount Rainier Artists' Lofts


Looking to Rent or Rent-to-Own?

- For Apartment Homes and Complexes, browse our Business Directory's Residential category. Residential properties are leased and operated by their own residential agencies.

- Interested in an apartment, room or house to rent or rent-to-own? The following are private, for-profit resources:

Note: we recommend consulting with the County Housing Assistance office to detail your search.

- Looking for Bed-and-Breakfasts? There are no legally existing B&Bs in the Arts District yet... If you're interested in starting a B&B, contact your local CDC to learn more.

For each of the above, search for "Hyattsville," "Brentwood," "North Brentwood," "Mount Rainier" or "Arts District".


These are the resources we currently have available. Please contact the Hyattsville CDC or Gateway CDC for more information.