Bow wow WOW: Previously passed-over pup wins Dog of the Year

By Katie Walsh (View full story online on Hyattsville Life & Times)

It may have been the presence of an audience, or perhaps just something in the air. But whatever it was, Líška seemed to know it was go-time.

The year-old black and brown mutt with ears twice the size of her head sprang to attention at her owner’s voice, adeptly maneuvering through several commands that were given entirely in Spanish and included rolling over and dancing.

“I think people were mostly impressed that she’s so young — a puppy — that had a bunch of tricks,” said Andrew Payton, one of Líška’s owners. “And she did really well that day.”

At the end of the day, Líška’s tricks netted her the grand prize June 10 at Hyattsville’s Dogs for the Arts event: Dog of the Year. It was a long way to come for a pint-sized pup who just months before had been a pet store reject in Mexico.