DC Sweet Potato Cake sprouts up in Hyattsville: Bakery to (re)open on Rt. 1

By Kit Slack (View full story here on Hyattsville Life & Times)

A bakery cafe is coming this fall to the storefront immediately north of Pizza Paradiso. Delectable Cakery, now a wholesale provider of DC Sweet Potato Cake to retailers including Wegmans, Safeway, Starbucks and, soon, Walmart will be opening a flagship retail store in Hyattsville.

Co-owner April Richardson says she is planning a rooftop deck and a business that “opens early and closes late.” She says the cafe will be “adult focused;” kids will be welcome, but it will be a better place for a date than for a kid’s birthday party.

Richardson and her business partner, Derek Lowery, are particularly pleased to be opening the bakery in Hyattsville on Route 1, since Lowery had to make the painful decision to shutter the doors of his original retail bakery just down the road on Route 1 in Mount Rainier.

Delectable Cakery represents “the American experience” according to Richardson. “I say that because our company has fallen on hard times and has found a way to stand up a little stronger every time.” The company’s story began in the Portland, Ore., home kitchen of Laurine Helen Lowery, who taught her son Derek to bake from a young age. Derek Lowery, a founder of Delectable Cakery, started out selling sweet potato cakes made according to the family recipe out of the back of his car at churches in New York and DC.