Distillery Coming to Downtown Hyattsville

By Ryan Teague Beckwith (View full story online on The Hyattsville Wire)

A distillery will open in Hyattsville sometime next year.

Sangfroid Distilling will make brandy, whiskey and the classic Dutch version of gin, known as genever, in a space to the right of the TESST building on Route 1 in Hyattsville’s historic downtown.

The distillery is the project of two brothers-in-law, Nate Groenendyk and Jeff Harner. The two have been brewing beer and hard cider for fun for about a decade and decided a few years ago to get into distilling.

Groenendyk, 39, a math coach at a D.C. public charter school, was intrigued by Dutch-style gin, which his grandparents had always said was superior to the more common British gins most Americans are familiar with. “The gin we drink now is like a juniper-flavored vodka,” he complained.

Harner, 34, who works for the Government Accountability Office, said he first became interested after he visited Kentucky bourbon country and was disappointed not to see more small-batch producers. “We can do it better and more authentically,” he said.