Gateway CDC RFP for Event Consultant – 2017 Open Studio Tour


Contact: Pat Thornton, Gateway CDC Executive Director


The Gateway CDC (GCDC), a Community Development Corporation that works within the communities of Brentwood, North Brentwood and Mount Rainier, MD, is seeking an appropriately qualified, highly motivated and innovative event management and planning firm (“Consultant”) to assist in the strategic planning and execution of a 1-day Open Studio Tour (OST), which will be held on May 13, 2017.

The GCDC’s mission is to drive economic revitalization along the U.S. Route 1 Corridor through business and neighborhood development initiatives, including promotion of the arts as a community-building strategy. Gateway CDC works within the communities of Brentwood, North Brentwood and Mount Rainier, MD and in collaboration with multiple partners to ensure the success of the entire Gateway Arts District.The objective of sponsoring the OST is to enrich the human experience, reinforce Gateway’s identity and civic pride through arts and culture, and to recognize the importance of arts to our quality of life and to the local economy. This is accomplished by consciously integrating arts and culture into the daily life of the people within the CDC, through urban design, planning, economic development, and education.Since 2003 the GCDC has sponsored the annual OST and exhibition event. The OST Tour has been a self-guided one-day tour, where artists and arts organizations showcased a variety of styles and techniques. The event encouraged artists to interact with one another while at the same time increasing awareness of Gateway as an active artist’s community. This event has continued to grow over the years and last year more than 150 artists, businesses, and organizations participated in the event. The Consultant will be responsible for implementing the vision for the OST event, as well as setting the foundation to expand the event in future years. Services for OST include but are not limited to: research, planning, marketing, production, coordination, and presentation.

The Consultant will serve as the Event Manager for a 1-day OST and coordinate with the CDCand its staff, community organizations, and volunteers for the following goals and objectives: Develop an innovative vision and practical work plan for the OST;
•Serve Gateway-based resident artist and participants of the creative community by identifying individual artists/creatives, arts/cultural organizations, and creative
business participants.(The list of at least 100 artists and 35 businesses/organizations that participated in last year’s OST will be provided to the consultant
•Serve as a project manager to successfully and efficiently perform all services and provide deliverables identified in this RFP;
•Be creative not only in development of the event but also in addressing practical issues that may surface during the term of the contract;
•Reach a wide regional audience with an innovative marketing campaign that encourages a well-attended event;
•Involve local non-arts Gateway-based businesses in the event by encouraging artists and businesses to partner;
•Host a well-organized event that encourages easy safe and orderly public participation.

a. Event Marketing
1) Design OST visual theme in consultation with the advisory committee to be used on promotional materials.
2) Promotion of the event (e.g. posters, postcards, flyers, maps, etc. partnership with public and private partners.
3) Create an online presence for the event that includes, for example, a downloadable event map with hours, participant list with their websites linked (if available),
acknowledgment of sponsors and Gateway business partners that may host individual participant artists.
i. The consultant will be provided a map with access to the event website from last year’s event.
4) Coordinate creative event marketing in consultation with the Gateway Project Manager, including social marketing (Facebook, Twitter), e-blasts, and storefront
5) All press/promotional materials must include the Gateway logo, and the logos of sponsors at the Gold Level or above.

b. Event Talent
1) In collaboration with the CDC, identify and secure participation from Gateway artists.
2) Organize a call for artists that will speak to event concept and reach the maximum audience.
3) Work with John Paradiso, Curator of programs to integrate resident artists from Gateway CDC sites.

c. Event Management
1) Research and develop OST marketing concept.
2) General oversight and reporting of OST event progress to CDC.
3) General bookkeeping and tracking of OST event expenses.
4) Identify locations for welcome booths for alerting attendees about program details. Develop signage, banners, and route marking as appropriate and needed in
conjunction with Gateway Arts Center, Arts & Culture department.
5) Recruit, organize and train OST event volunteers.
6) Organize photography, social media and other documentation of OST event and participants.
7) Work with the CDC to obtain necessary licenses and permits.
8) Coordinate transportation.9)Document event attendance.

d. Event Sponsorship
1) Locate, contact, and sign sponsors, both monetary and in-kind, in support of the event
a. A list of sponsors and potential sponsors will be shared with the selected consultant.
2) Establish Sponsorship Packages.

e. Event Production/Delivery

The proposal will be evaluated on the basis of its content, not length. The proposal should be a clear concise narrative which addresses the following:
a. Proposal Cover Sheet
1) Include the firm’s name, address, email, and primary and secondary phone numbers.
b. Program Proposal
1) Describe your firm’s recommendations for developing an OST event that meets the goals/objectives listed above working within the budget, anticipated sponsorship
dollars, and practical restraints
2) Specify a marketing plan that will reach a wide regional audience that includes the Washington Metro Area, and beyond.
3) Include a calendar with a timeline for the completion of all deliverables.
c. Experience
1) Describe the successful relevant experience, each proposed subcontractor if any, and the proposed key staff in providing the work.
2) Experience and qualifications of team that will be working on OST, including primary lead event planner and secondary event planner(s).
3) Attach a listing of at least three relevant references, including the name of the reference entity, a brief statement describing the relationship between the
proposed or proposed subcontractor, as applicable, the reference entity, and the name, title and the telephone number of the reference entity, for the proposer
and each proposed subcontractor, if any.
4) Attach for each key staff position a resume and/or description of the qualifications that will be required. In addition, provide a statement certifying that the
proposed key staff will be available for the duration of the project.

d. Organizational Capability
Demonstrate the proposer’s organizational capability. Proposals should address the following:
1) Provide a statement affirming the Consultant’s availability in the Gateway area and for all aspects of service required in this RFP.
2) Identify the number of full-time people currently employed by the Consultant, the last three (3) projects the Consultant has completed (preferably include projects
with similar scopes).

An evaluation committee will review timely submitted Proposals to determine whether they are responsive to the requisites of this RFP. Proposals that are determined by the committee to be non-responsive or submitted after the deadline may be rejected. The committee will evaluate and rate all remaining proposals based on the Evaluation Criteria described below.

Consultant selection under this RFP will be qualifications-based and the committee may use one or more of the following criteria in its evaluation and comparison of submittals:
a. Suitability of the ProposalThe proposal meets the goals and objectives set forth in the RFP.
b. Event Production & Management Capabilities
Prior work demonstrates professional, well-organized, safe events production that reaches a maximum audience in terms of both participants and public relations
c. Relevant Experience
The applicant has successfully completed similar projects and has the qualifications necessary to undertake this project.
d. Quality of proposed approach
The information is presented in a clear and logical manner, consultant is extremely well-organized
e. Innovation in proposal and narrative.
The proposal should meet all of the goals and objectives and timelines set forth in the RFP. However, the prospective consultant may also take the liberty to
extend the vision set forth in the RFP.

A sealed envelope labeled “Program Proposal”, containing (1) original and four (4) duplicate Proposals may bemailed or delivered in person to:Pat Thornton, Interim Executive Director, Gateway CDC, 4102 Webster Street, North Brentwood, MD 20722. The proposal MUST be received by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 16, 2017.

As part of the proposal, Consultant must include a detailed cost proposal to accomplish the scope outlined above.
a.The budget must encompass all the event management costs necessary for the production of a high-quality OST event that meets the event goals as stated above.
b.A separate section of the budget should include a detailed breakdown of the marketing and print costs.

The consultant must provide a time/cost schedule that iterates both the schedule and cost for every phase of the project. The time schedule should reflect delivery of the initial printed material by March 17, and should include the delivery date, description and cost for every phase as shown in below with entry shown as Hold Event, May 13, 2017. Gateway CDC will assume the cost for printing and signage.Develop vision/work plan, Design visual theme, Prepare website, social media, press materials, Finalize theme & PR., Identify artists & artist organizations & sponsors, Select date/venues, Initiate PR, Print materials (posters/flyers, mailers). Distribute PR materials, Collect artist/sponsor information, create sponsorship package, Finalize event details, and hold the event.