What’s On Tap: Comptroller Peter Franchot discusses Maryland’s beer laws, his task force on changing them, and more

By Brandon Weigel (View full story online on City Paper)

CP: At the first session, which I attended, the mayor of Salisbury talked about the effect of breweries on his town in revitalizing the downtown area. In your estimation, what is the impact of a brewery, whether it opens in a city like Baltimore or a small town?
PF: I think they’re game-changers, partly because they’re magnets for millennials and young families. They just provide a very good strategic partner for any kind of community-strengthening efforts. I was in Hyattsville, in Prince George’s County, on Saturday going to their arts festival, and they have combined it with a festival around ales. It was the Hyattsville Arts and Ale Festival. And having gone to previous Hyattsville art festivals, [I can tell you] the foot traffic was double this year because they combined with local breweries like Franklin and others over there. Beer is a hot commodity, so to speak, among lots of people that the state is very interested in presenting its best foot forward with.