When Local Kids Couldn’t Afford To See Black Panther, This New Co-Working Community Stepped In

Hyattsville’s Dream Village is more than a place to plug in your computer

By Christina Sturdivant-Sani (View full story online on Washingtonian)

On a recent Sunday afternoon in Hyattsville, Eunique Jones Gibson welcomed the inaugural members of her new coworking space, Dream Village. Dressed casually in red-and-white Jordans, a gray hoodie, and blue jeans, the entrepreneur and digital marketer explained to the small group—which included Hyattsville mayor Candace Hollingsworth and a handful of other local professionals—that her concept is much more than a nice place to plug in your laptop. Gibson hopes to build an Afrocentric hub where members are encouraged to celebrate and support one another. “It’s a safe space where you are connected and everyone wants you to win,” she said at the event. “There are no egos here. It’s really about the bigger mission.”