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Questions about the Gateway Arts District



Where is the Arts District? What are its perimeters?

Please view our Maps page.




What is an arts district?

"Nationally Arts and Entertainment (A&E) Districts can be found in cities and towns of all sizes each one is uniquely reflecting a local mission, history, and cultural development. Some districts succeed with thoughtful landscaping and signage, while others are involved in the renovation of existing buildings and attracting complimentary businesses..." -See the Maryland State Arts Council page for more information.




How is the Gateway Arts District managed?

The Gateway Arts District is an area rich with collaboration between area businesses, organizations, sponsors, and resident artists; as such, many mistake local organizations, terms and mix-up Arts District borders. We understand this distinction can be very confusing, allow us to clarify the terminology: Visit our About page to learn more. The Arts District is managed by the Gateway Arts District Management Team.





How's the Arts District sponsored? Who leads the effort?

The Gateway Arts & Entertainment District in Prince George's County is managed by the Gateway Arts District Management Team. The Arts District is funded by grants from M-NCPPC, Prince George's County District 2 Counclmember, and the support of the Prince George's Arts and Humanities Council, the Maryland State Arts Council, the Hyattsville CDC, and the Gateway CDC. In addition, the Gateway Arts and Entertainment (A&E) District is identified as part of the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area (ATHA)'s Maryland Milestones.

Key contributing sponsors are including but not limited to businesses and non-profits such as: The Mount Rainier Business Association, World Arts Focus & Joe's Movement Emporium, Neighborhood Design Center, Anacostia Trails Heritage Association, Red Dirt Studio, Washington Glass School, DC Glass Works, and the M-NCPPC Brentwood Arts Exchange.

For a wider list of arts advocates in our area, visit our business directory category.




Who manages the Gateway Arts District public relations and publicity? Who runs

The Gateway Arts District Management Team oversees all public relations and publicity through the Hyattsville CDC and through the Gateway CDC.

The Hyattsville CDC and Gateway CDC both act as webmaster for this website and promote public relations through the MyGatewayArts handles on Twitter, Facebook, and by e-mail.




How to Use



How do I add myself or edit my listing in the Artist Directory?

New users can join our artists directory for free.

Returning users, please login your account (top right-hand side of the website) and enter your information. If you have trouble, contact our webmaster team.






How do I add Arts District news to my news feed? 

 There are two good ways to do this: For a single feed that pulls from our Reading Room Blogs, head to the Reading Room and look for the RSS icon: 


Second, you can visit our social media page to subscribe to our Facebook group, Facebook page, and look for other independent organizations' news.




How do I submit an event posting? What can I include? What types of events are listed?

 You will first need to log-in to our user dashboard in order to submit events calendar postings (as well as directory listings). 

Our main calendar lives at (with multiple ways to view events), including a sneak-peek on the homepage.



What can I submit?

Any event (view event types) featuring a Gateway Arts District artist will be listed, be it in the Arts District or in the Greater Metropolitan area. If outside the Arts District, in the event title, please add "located at Business Name" or "in DC" to better distinguish.


Please note, for exhibition runs, only those located within the Gateway A&E District will appear listed on our calendar, while as just mentioned, any Gateway artist can submit an exhibition's reception/talk/event no matter where it is held. This helps us separate longer runs from individual events!




How do I export the calendar so I can see it on my iCal/Google Calendar?


 Well, it's a work-in-progress: You can use this URL to import the calendar: - Please let us know if you encounter any issues.




How do I submit a residential/commercial property for rent/sale? Who do I contact to find a new studio?

Our Studios-for-Lease Locator is the tool you're looking for. Each property owner is listed for each listing. If after consulting the locator, you'd still like to locate more opportunities, please fill out the Hyattsville CDC's Assistance page or please e-mail the Gateway CDC Facility Manager. Include the following information requests: property location, space specifications, space price, press release date, and contact name, e-mail, and telephone.



How do I submit content for the Arts & Educational Resources section?

Please e-mail our webmaster team to add to our resource. Include all relevant information about the resource as well as its contact information.



Where do I add my "Call for Artists"?

 We recommend two options. First, add to the Gateway Arts District Work Opportunities Blog. Second, we recommend positng to the M-NCPPC's Work Opportunities Blog to display area call for artists, RFPs, RFQs, and the like. Please visit the blog and contact their Media Specialist. 

For both resources, in your Call, include your press release as well as contact name, e-mail, and telephone.




How are artists and businesses listed in your directory/locator? 

The Prince George's County Gateway Arts District Artists Directory and Business Directory are user-generated and regularly grow in number. All area artists are welcome to create an account and create a directory listing. This includes those who live or actively work within/near the Arts District and identify as Gateway artists/businesses. This directory is not directly connected to the Maryland State Artist Registry, though we do recommend you create listings on these area registries. defines "artists" and "businesses" as:

Artists & artisans are those who associate with the Gateway Arts District. Artists do not need to have a studio to be listed, nor do they need to have exhibited recently or provide examples of the artwork to be listed. Those that do have a studio will be placed on our map. 

  • Artist media types are listed here.


Businesses are brick-and-mortar that are located in the Arts District or are nearby and actively associate with the Arts District. Businesses' services/goods should appeal to the arts community ("arts-related"), e.g., work or serve goods/services in the visual arts, performing arts, arts management, culinary arts, cosmetology, design/planning fields, and other forms interpreted as formal studies of the arts. 


Businesses denoted with an asterisk* are located nearby but not within the Gateway A&E District's boundaries.


How's the map work? The map is in beta: it plots businesses with regular hours of operation, storefronts, or those regularly open for events. 

  • Business types are listed here.


Wait, I'm an artist too! Do I need to make two listings?

Not necessarily, it's up to you. If an artist with a business or studio wants to only make one listing rather than two, no worries--there's the option to complete one directory listing, but select a different (or same) artist's name and trade name for both yourself and your business/studio name.

Wait, I'm a mobile business. Which directory should I be on?

Likely, the Artists Directory: The goal of our business directory is to locate brick-and-mortar stores and services that are located in or do business directly within the A&E District. If your home studio is in or near the A&E District, and you actively provide services/goods and identify as a registered business, please enlist in the Business Directory. However, if you do business across the DMV and your service area includes the Arts District, the Artists Directory is best for you.




How can I promote myself on

Find your page from the Artists Directory or Business Locator, and copy the address to your page found in the web address bar. You can visit our social media section and also grab the official Gateway Arts District branding materials from our Reading Room.


Other Questions



I need to find an arts-related resource. Who can I contact to ask an arts-related question? Is there a community forum?

Have you visited our Work section to find help? If what you're looking for isn't there, please e-mail our website's webmaster team first, who can answer or direct your question appropriately. You can also join our community forum on Facebook.



I have a question that isn't listed here...

Please e-mail our webmaster team to inquire.


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